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I am very proud to announce the arrival of Arty Antics - Mobile Paint Parties.

You bring your guests - we bring your Paint Party From floor protectors to paint brushes & music - right to your place...

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Can't draw to save your life?

I bet YOU CAN!

Discoveries Art Classes:


So everyone can get the most out of our Art Lessons, classes are 'sorted' into 2 'groups':

First Steps - for newbies to art. (Or if you are after a refresher of the basics.)

101: introduces students to painting & drawing skills with a programme that builds upon itself to reinforce the basics - and the reality that painting and drawing can be learned skills. 

102: builds on the basics taught in Term 1 beginning with learning about composition and how to tackle various subjects such as still life, furry friends and landscapes. Great stuff!

Different Strokes - classes are for people looking for support & encouragement with their own art - with a wee 'Sneak Peek' to extend their Arty education each week to keep things fresh and interesting.

Sometimes when we are 'arting' we get stuck...

Stuck staring at a white canvas; 

Stuck trying to work out what is not working in our latest piece - or

Stuck not knowing how to take our art to the next level.  

Sometimes we simply need a skill we haven't learned yet.

Sometimes we just need a bit of support, fresh input and the encouragement or stimulation of others.

This is pretty much what these classes are about - bursting with positiveness and supported by a group safety net to enable all members to occasionally jump knowing all will be well.

More information about my classes click this tab to email me...  

Art Lessons for


My Teaching Philosophy...


To support, inspire, motivate & gently challenge each student to achieve all they wish in their Art.


All this while working in a 'zero-pressure', 

relaxed & fun environment... 

because we learn best when we are enjoying what we do :-)

My favourite Students:


Ok, so as a Teacher, it is simply wrong to admit to even the idea of having favourite students - but I must confess - some of the 'most wonderful' experiences I have had as a teacher have been when working with the student who claims 'I can't draw to save my life' - or 'I can't do that.'

It might be the 'know-it-all' in me, but I simply love proving them wrong!

I firmly believe no-one is born an Artist. Those who have attained that title have done so out of shear determination & hard work - and a willingness to both play and to be vulnerable.

Everyone can learn to paint & draw and although the odd person has pushed the boundaries of my belief - ultimately - I have not been proven wrong, yet :-)

My Happiness Guarantee:


Because I cannot bear the thought of anyone being tied into 10 weeks of classes they are not enjoying...

If after your first class you decide you totally hate Discoveries - or me (sniff),

I will REFUND your term's fees in full. Diana

Web site Editors - Floyd & Luchi. 

Great Art Critics, they like to hang in the Studio offering endless input - & cuddles.

© 2016 - Discoveries Art School - Diana Nicholson-Plank, Teacher & Artist

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