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I feel so truly humbled by what some of my past & present students have said about me, my teaching & Discoveries. I must be doing something right as I didn’t even have to bribe any of them. ​😂
Feel free to go for a wander through a few I've popped in here…

"Going to discoveries is like coming across a hidden cottage that belongs on travel brochure for art school in far away places.

I love it. 

Pour yourself a herbal tea and you find yourself making magic.

Diana builds on principles and techniques and as each lesson unfolds you develop confidence and inspiration. 

Her boutique style complete with furry and feathery visitors is the loveliest way to discover your talents. 

I highly recommend Discoveries."


"I have loved every minute of class with Diana, learning to do something I thought was hopeless for me: to draw.

Diana's passion for art, along with being free from the fear of failure allows her to guide her students to a whole new level of artistic achievement. Not only will you learn to be a great artist, but her enthusiasm for life brings a joy and colour into the monotony of the work week.

She is an amazing human, passionate teacher, and talented artist."

Alicia F

“I wish I’d had someone like you as an art teacher back in high school, I felt I learned more from you in 5 minutes than 3 years with the newspaper reading/feet up on the desk/ignoring and disparaging numpty that we did have!”


"I am a complete novice when in it comes to Art and for years I have searched for an art class to inspire and motivate me to expand my knowledge and create. Diana’s lessons are clear and on point. 

All the things you wish your art teacher would have taught you all those years ago Diana has crafted into a complete and comprehensive course guiding you to your inner Artist.

I am thrilled to be part of her school and look forward to continued inspiration."


"Diana has been teaching me at the Design & Arts college for the past year and she has been an awesome Tutor!

She is always so supportive of our work and pushes us to find our own artistic style."


"Diana is a great teacher, every lesson is well planned and structured with good resources. 

She explains the ‘basic basics’ so that students can gradually gain confidence while getting a good understanding of the principles. 

It’s great fun too, very relaxed and informal but students get stuff done!" 


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